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Monitoring Systems
CCTV monitoring

CCTV monitoring is the ultimate deterrence. Unlike many systems they can be linked to monitored alarm systems- providing prior warning of potential break-ins and also allowing the CCTV controller to issue a warning to the infiltrator that they have been spotted and the police have been called.

PSS security supply and install CCTV systems for efficient, cost-effective, surveillance of your premises.

Our systems deter crime, protect property and protect people.

Our up to date product knowledge facilitates us to get the most from the latest technology. We understand the power of optimum positioning to provide the best possible coverage. We work with you to determine the best system for your needs from a comprehensive list of options.

From fixed cameras, to fully controllable systems that tilt, zoom and pan. Paired with the latest joystick controlled, high speed, dome models for a fully integrated security solution. These modern systems possess optical lenses, great low light capabilities and the ability, through increased resolution, to zoom into the image for enhanced recognition.

We offer a wide range of viewing and recording features including:

· Continuous monitoring and recording of multiple images
· Time and date generation for investigation and legal proceedings
· Instant printing from screen images
· Remote observation from our Remote Video Receiving Centre

Cameras can also include security lighting and be used for verification for signals from your fire and intruder systems. The CCTV monitoring centre provides confirmation of incidents as they occur and the information is readily passed to the emergency services for optimum response time.

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